761.94/7–2145: Telegram

No. 1231
The Japanese Ambassador in the Soviet Union ( Sato ) to the Japanese Minister of Foreign Affairs ( Togo )
very urgent

1433. Re my telegram No. 1418.1

It is presumed that there is no connection between the rumored peace proposals in your telegram No. 9192 and my telegram No. 14222 and the question of sending a special envoy. However, the Big Three Conference had already started on the 17th. Therefore, it may be presumed that the reply from the Soviet Union on the evening of the 18th mentioned in my previous telegram No. 14173 may have stemmed from the Big Three Conference. If not, it must be taken into consideration that we had proposed sending a special envoy prior to the Big Three Conference and that this matter may have been divulged to the Anglo-American group.

Very little information on that conference is available from radio or other sources. In spite of the paucity of information thereon, it appears that the conference atmosphere is very friendly and that the three leaders are having frequent private meetings. Therefore, relations between Japan and the Soviet Union may take an unforeseeable turn. I am convinced of the necessity for extreme caution.

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