761.94/7–2145: Telegram

No. 1227
The Japanese Ambassador in the Soviet Union (Sato) to the Japanese Minister of Foreign Affairs (Togo)
very secret

1418. Re my telegram No. 1417.1

Concerning the matter of the dispatch of the special envoy, the Soviet Government has declined to accept such an envoy for the time being on the grounds that the mission is not specific. The above is indeed regrettable but just as I said in my humble opinion in my telegrams Nos. 1386 and 1392,2 and as again demonstrated this time, there is no way other than to present a concrete proposal when dealing with this government. Although your opinion expressed in your telegram No. 913–2 [913–1]3 has its point from the Japanese side, it does not at all conform to the atmosphere here. That you cannot achieve your objective of having them act in accordance with your hopes can almost be inferred from their attitude in rejecting the special envoy at this time.

  1. Document No. 1226.
  2. Documents Nos. 587 and 588, printed in vol. i.
  3. This correction was reported in Sato’s telegram No. 1429 of July 20. The reference is to paragraph 1 of document No. 1224.