Department of the Army Files: Telegram

No. 1133
The Chargé in the Soviet Union ( Kennan ) to the United States Delegation 1

From Kennan.

Have just reed from Polish Chargé2 note in English dated July 21st reading as follows:

“I am instructed to ask you to be as kind as to transmit to the Govt of the USA the text of my Govt’s note of July 20, 1945, which simultaneously is forwarded to the Govt of the USSR, U. K. and the French Republic.”

Text of note of July 20 also written in English as enclosed in Chargé’s letter reads as follows:

“The Polish Provisional Govt of Natl Unity, desiring to enable millions of Poles in Germany to return home as soon as possible and justly attempting to regain Polish assets which during the occupation period were illegally removed from Poland by the Germans, have the honour to reiterate the suggestion expressed by the Provisional Govt in their declaration of this June 15th.3 The Polish Provisional Govt of Natl Unity suggest to set up a Polish Military Mission on the Control Council, which is exercising supreme authority in the territory of Germany.

Article 5 [8] of the agreement on the control apparatus in Germany signed by the Govts of the USA, the USSR and the UK as well [Page 1126] as by the Provisional Govt of the French Republic4 provides for accrediting such a mission on the Control Council.

Simultaneously the Polish Provisional Govt of Natl Unity feel it necessary to reiterate their suggestion regarding Poland’s participation in the activities of the Reparations Commission, which appears to be the more necessary when Poland’s damages are taken into consideration as well as the fact that she is a country, which comparatively suffered most as result of the German invasion and occupation.

While approaching the four Allied Powers with these suggestions the Polish Govt of Natl Unity express their deep conviction that the settlement of the above mentioned questions will be welcomed with deep satisfaction by the Polish public opinion and will strengthen ties of friendship and collaboration between Poland and her great allies.”5

  1. Sent by the United States Military Mission, Moscow, via Army channels. Number garbled.
  2. Władysław Matwin.
  3. The following summary of this declaration was sent to the American Embassy, Moscow, by the Department of State in telegram No. 1346 of June 19, 1945 (file No. 860c.01/6–1945):

    “Since the Control Council for Germany has been established, it is now possible to settle problems such as repatriation of Polish citizens now in areas occupied by the Allies and the identification of Polish property unlawfully taken by Germans. For this, it is necessary that representatives of the Polish Provisional Government be present. These should enjoy complete freedom of movement, be enabled to deal with technical aspects, and should be engaged in finding out scattered Polish property. Procedure suggested is to send Military Mission of Polish Provisional Government to the Control Council as anticipated in Article 5 of the agreement on Control Machinery for Germany. Problem of Poland’s participation in Reparations Committee also brought forward as vital and burning one for the Polish nation and directly bound with problem of reconstruction. It is also difficult to imagine effective working of Inter-Allied Commission for investigation of German crimes without participation of representatives of Government of Poland on territory of which Nazis committed most of their crimes. In putting forth these problems Polish Provisional Government is firmly convinced that a positive solution will be important contribution to work of reconstruction of countries experiencing German aggression and will assist in effecting permanent and friendly collaboration of Allied nations.”

  4. i. e., the agreement on control machinery in Germany, signed at London, November 14, 1944, as amended by a further agreement signed at London, May 1, 1945. For texts, see Treaties and Other International Acts Series No. 3070; United States Treaties and Other International Agreements, vol. 5, pt. 2, p. 2062. Text of the agreement of November 14, 1944, also in Foreign Relations, The Conferences at Malta and Yalta, 1945, p. 124.
  5. No reply was made to this communication until after the close of the Berlin Conference.