Department of the Army Files: Telegram

No. 1043
The Director of the Division of Ship Requirements, War Shipping Administration ( Bissell ) to Mr. M. F. Millikan, of the Division of Ship Requirements, War Shipping Administration


Victory 204. To Conway for Millikan WSA Washington from Bissell.

In preliminary discussion of coal problems Leathers has stated that U. K. cannot export any coal whatever to any destination after August shipments for September arrival excepting anthracite duffs for briquetting and special grades required North Africa.
He is most anxious to continue to obtain not less than 90,000 tons per month of bunker coal from U. S. especially in view of assumption by U. K. of responsibility for bunkers for captured and released shipping to extent of about 70,000 tons per month.
Have advised Leathers that MWT might have to make cash purchases. He will discuss financial arrangements with Clayton and Collado here.1
Request you discuss with Potter and advise urgently his views on availability of coal from U. S. and reasonableness of British refusal to continue exports.
Bissell plans to go to London 23rd or 24th therefore reply should be to London.
  1. No documentation on the substance of such a discussion has been found. For an indication that Clayton did discuss the coal question with members of the British Delegation, see document No. 1049.↩