103.9163: Telegram

No. 1042
The Chief of the Mission for Economic Affairs in the United Kingdom ( Blaisdell ) to the Deputy Solid Fuels Administrator for War ( Potter )1

us urgent

7382. To Batt from Blaisdell for Potter. Sumoc 290.

Have been advised most confidentially (repeat most confidentially) regarding findings and recommendations resulting from survey of UK large coal position by official working party. (Ref last pgh our Sumoc 285, July 182).
War Cabinet now considering this report. Will probably act affirmatively on recommendations which we summarize in pgh 3 below for your confidential information. We consider this important as indicating position which British will take at Potsdam.
The recommendations may be summarized as follows.
The UK large coal position is such that it is impossible to even contemplate export of large coal after Aug. All exports of loco and gas coal to N W Europe should therefore cease at the end of Aug.
The UK general coal position is such that it is impossible to export any coal which is at all usable in the UK after Sept exports of 110,000 tons to N W Europe and 40,000 tons to the Mediterranean[.]
The US should be urged to continue the bunker arrangements after Aug to enable the UK to bunker the recently mobilized Scandinavian and German prize ships. This will require about 100,000 tons a month until arrangements can be made to reduce the UK burden by bunkering these ships from Polish and Silesian sources.
In Sept and thereafter the UK should make available 50/100,000 tons extremely low grade fuel which are not usable in UK.
We recognize that you were already made aware of above eventualities during your stay in London and by our Sumoc 285. We consider you should know this is now highest level UK position.
  1. Sent to the Acting Secretary of State over the signature of Winant.
  2. Not printed.