February 1963

165. Memorandum of Conversation, February 9, among Rusk, Alphand, and Greenhill

Non-proliferation of nuclear weapons: readout of RuskDobrynin discussions. Secret. 4 pp. Department of State, Central Files, DEF 18–6.

166. Memorandum from Wiesner to Fisher, February 12

Resolving problems in the test ban negotiations. Confidential. 3 pp. Kennedy Library, National Security Files, Subjects Series, Nuclear Testing 3, 12/62–8/63.

167. Memorandum from Gen. Taylor to McNamara, February 16

JCS concerns regarding ACDA’s paper on the “U.S. Position on the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.” An attached appendix provides an item-by-item comment on the ACDA paper. Also attached is a table showing nuclear weapon capabilities of particular countries. Top Secret. 10 pp. Kennedy Library, National Security Files, Departments and Agencies Series, ACDA, Disarmament, General, 2/15/63–2/28/63.

168. Memorandum from Col. Smith to Gen. Taylor, February 18

“Probabilities and a Nuclear Test Ban.” Secret. 2 pp. National Defense University, Taylor Papers, WYS Chron, January–March, 1963.

169. Todis 806 to Geneva, February 18

Negotiating instructions on substance of a test ban treaty. Confidential. 6 pp. Department of State, Central Files, DEF 18–3 SWITZ (GE).

170. Memorandum for the Record, February 19

Readout of Principals meeting on nuclear testing. Attached is a February 18 McCone-drafted rebuttal paper on ACDA’s paper on the U.S. and the test ban treaty. Also attached is a February 17 memorandum from Fisher to the Committee of Principals’ members transmitting a copy of the revised ACDA paper (not attached). Secret. 4 pp. CIA Files, Job 80B01285A, McCone Files, Meetings with President, 1/1/63–3/31/63.

171. Telegram 3127 from New York, February 25

Transmits text of February 23 letter from Dean to Foster regarding Dean’s conversation with Soviet Deputy FonMin Kuznetsov in New York on number of automatic stations on Soviet territory. Confidential. 9 pp. Department of State, Central Files, DEF 18–3 SWITZ (GE).

172. Addendum to December 20 Report of NSAM 205 Committee, February 27

Concludes that Soviet advances in sub-megaton yield range are not of major military capability significance. Two attached tables provide a listing of additional December Soviet tests and yield-to-weight ratios on the sub-megaton yield tests. Top Secret. 4 pp. Kennedy Library, National Security Files, Meetings and Memoranda Series, NSAM 205, Box 339.