August 1963

473. Letter from Rusk to U.S. Ambassadors, August 2

Report summarizing Mission’s export promotion activities requested. No classification marking. 3 pp. Department of State, Central Files, FT 4 US/TEA.

474. Telegram 1080 to London, August 15

Approach to HMG on an international wool textile arrangement. Confidential. 1 p. Department of State, Central Files, INCO–WOOL UK.

475. Letter from Eleven Congressmen to President Kennedy, August 21

Domestic wool textile industry deterioration. No classification marking. 4 pp. Kennedy Library, Herter Papers, Congressional Relations, Box 8.

476. Memorandum from Roth to Bundy, August 28

Trade negotiations: policy issues and considerations. Limited Official Use. 7 pp. Kennedy Library, National Security Files, Subjects Series, Trade, General, 8/63, Box 309.