September 1962

143. Record of Action, 504th NSC Meeting, September 6

Results of 1962 nuclear test program to date and tests proposed for remainder of program. Secret. 1 p. Department of State, S/SNSC (Miscellaneous) Files: Lot 66 D 95, Records of Action by National Security Council.

144. Letter from President Kennedy to Prime Minister Macmillan, September 7

U.S. atmospheric and underground nuclear testing schedule. Top Secret. 3 pp. Department of State, Presidential Correspondence: Lot 66 D 204, KennedyMacmillan, Vol. II.

145. Memorandum from Gen. Decker to McNamara, September 10

JCS views on review of U.S. disarmament policy during the Geneva Conference recess. Secret. 3 pp. National Defense University, Taylor Papers, Disarmament 3, 1962.

146. Note from Kaysen to Shepard, September 21

Recommends passing to President attached information on non-diffusion issue. Two attachments, both dated September 21, provide background information on status of current discussions with the Soviets and the probable German and French reactions to the proposal. No classification marking on covering note; attachments are Secret. 4 pp. Kennedy Library, National Security Files, Departments and Agencies Series, ACDA, Disarmament, Non-Diffusion of Nuclear Weapons, 8/62–7/63.

147. Memorandum from Conger to Brubeck, September 27

Transmits copy of letter from Foster to McNamara on status of non-diffusion issue for Rusk’s information. Attached letter from Foster to McNamara is dated September 26. Confidential. 4 pp. Department of State, Central Files, 397.5611–GE/9–2762.