April 1963

429. Memorandum from Reuter to Freeman, April 2

Positive impact of agricultural commodity sales under PL–480 on balance of payments. No classification marking. 10 pp. Kennedy Library, National Security Files, Kaysen Series, Balance of Payments, Cabinet Committee, 3/63–7/63.

430. Memorandum for Interdepartmental Committee of Undersecretaries on Foreign Economic Policy, April 3

Background material for April meeting. No classification marking. 4 pp. Department of State, E Files: Lot 64 D 452, ICFEP, 1963.

431. Circular Airgram CA–11942 from Rusk to Certain Diplomatic Missions, April 24

Bell’s responsibilities under Section 622(c) of Foreign Assistance Act. Confidential. 3 pp. Department of State, Central Files, AID (US) 1.