October 1963

300. Memorandum from Gen. Taylor to Members of the Special Group, October 15

Recommends a review of U.S. programs in support of foreign paramilitary forces. Secret. 1 p. Department of State, S/S Files: Lot 70 D 258, SGCI General 1963.

301. National Intelligence Estimate, NIE 11–8–63, October 18

“Soviet Capabilities for Strategic Attack.” Printed in part in the print volume as Document 144. Top Secret; Restricted Data; Controlled Dissem. 58 pp. CIA Files, Job 79R01012A, ODDI Registry.

302. Note from Kaysen to Bundy, October 25

Provides comments on McNamara’s strategic forces memorandum. Top Secret. 10 pp. Johnson Library, National Security File, Agency File, Def Bud 65.

[302a] 302A. Memorandum for President Kennedy, Washington, November 7

Source: Department of Defense, JCS Records, JMF 7000 (3 Jan 64). Top Secret. 7 pages of source text not declassified.