September 1961

240. Memorandum from Gen. Cabell to Gen. Taylor, September 6

Transmits memorandum on “Current Status of Soviet and Satellite Military Forces and Indications of Military Intentions.” Top Secret. 15 pp. CIA Files, Job 80B0676R, DCI/EA Files, White House, Sep–Dec 61.

241. Memorandum from Gen. LeMay to SAFS, September 18

Recommendations on long-range nuclear delivery forces, 1963–1967. Top Secret. 3 pp. Washington National Records Center, Records Group 330, OSD Files: FRC 71 A 3470, Misc Budget.

242. Memorandum from Gen. Taylor to Gen. Lemnitzer, September 19

Transmits list of questions for General Power’s use in his meeting with President Kennedy. Top Secret. 5 pp. National Defense University, Taylor Papers, 33 66 NATO.

243. National Intelligence Estimate, NIE 4–3–61, September 21

“Nuclear Weapons and Delivery Capabilities of Free World Countries Other Than the US and UK.” Secret. 16 pp. CIA Files, Job 79R01012A, ODDI Registry.

244. National Intelligence Estimate, NIE 11–8/1–61, September 21

“Strength and Deployment of Soviet Long Range Ballistic Missile Forces.” Printed in part in the print volume as Document 45. Top Secret. 29 pp. CIA Files, Job 79R01012A, ODDI Registry.

245. Memorandum from Bundy to President Kennedy, September 28

Conveys information on personnel matters; McNamara and the military budget; management of foreign aid; and news from Syria and Berlin. Secret. 3 pp. Kennedy Library, National Security Files, Departments and Agencies Series, CIA General 9/61–11/61.