April 1962

264. Memorandum from Gen. Taylor to President Kennedy, April 17

Provides background information for Kennedy’s meeting with McNamara on U.S. Army force reductions in FY 1963. Secret. 2 pp. Kennedy Library, President’s Office Files, 94B, DEF 4/62–6/62.

265. Memorandum from the Secretaries to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, April 24

Circulates copy of a memorandum from Gen. Lemnitzer to McNamara on “Nuclear Superiority of the US vis-a-vis the Soviet Union” for their information. Top Secret/Restricted Data. 12 pp. National Archives and Records Administration, RG 218, JCS Records, JMF 2210.

266. National Intelligence Estimate, NIE 13–2–62, April 25

“Chinese Communist Advanced Weapons Capabilities” printed in part in the print volume as Document 81. Top Secret. 30 pp. CIA Files, Job 79R01012A, ODDI Registry.

267. Memorandum for the Record, April 25

Readout of White House staff meeting concerning McNamara’s upcoming speech; the role of tactical nuclear weapons in U.S. national security policy; Berlin; Burma; and Dobrynin’s views on arms control. Secret. 2 pp. National Defense University, Taylor Papers, WH Mtgs.

268. Memorandum of Discussion Prepared by McCone, April 30

Readout of April 28 meeting among Kennedy, Macmillan, McCone, and McNamara on TKH photography. Secret; Eyes Only. 1 p. CIA Files, Job 80B01285A, Mtgs w/President 12/1/61–6/30/62.