Pauley Files

No. 998
United States Delegation Working Paper1

Memorandum for General Clay

It is requested that you attempt to get the Control Council to issue the attached decree,2 vesting German external assets, as soon as possible. We regard it as most urgent that steps be taken immediately to exercise the power of disposition over these assets.

In your discussion in the Control Council with respect to paragraph (b) of Article I of the decree, you may point out that the U. S. and the U. K. governments have been dealing extensively with the problems involved in connection with German external assets for several years and that their representatives are best qualified to deal with the matter of actually getting hold of such assets. The Board [Page 961] would of course be subject to the directions of the Commission, which in turn would be under the Control Council.3

  1. This paper bears the following manuscript notation: “Not sent”.
  2. No attachment found. Cf. the attachment to notation No. 1003.
  3. At the end of this draft memorandum, spaces were provided for the signatures of Pauley, Clayton, and McCloy. Another draft memorandum for Clay, prepared for signature by Truman and dated August 1, consists in toto of the first paragraph of this paper. It is marked “Not used”. For the memorandum actually sent, see document No. 1003.