740.00119 EW/7–2145: Telegram

No. 986
The Representative on the Allied Commission on Reparations ( Pauley ) and the Assistant Secretary of State ( Clayton ) to the Acting Secretary of State 1


Victory –184. From Pauley and Clayton.

In view of note presented by AmEmbassy Moscow to Soviet [Government]2 based on your July 18 [17] telegraphed instructions re Spanish situation,3 believe it highly desirable to repeat to Moscow your telegram 56, July 18, re Rumanian oil shares.4 Also believe desirable to repeat to Moscow details of Soviet negotiations re German property in Stockholm, both in case of Soviet questions on note presented by Embassy. See no reason not to repeat telegram re Rumanian oil shares to Bucharest.

American delegation is presenting to conference its view that a declaration should be issued by US, UK, USSR, and if possible France, declaring German external assets subject to jurisdiction of powers occupying Germany and of ACC, and naming diplomatic representatives of occupying powers as agents for both.5 Rubin and Dubois here working on text of proposed vesting decree with view to presenting decree to US Group CC for presentation to ACC.6 ES comments being considered.

  1. Sent over the signature of Byrnes.
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  5. For the text of the proposal presented by the United States Delegation on July 30, see document No. 1000.
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