Frankfurt USPolAd Files—500 Potsdam Conference

No. 970
Draft of Report by the Drafting Committee on Reparations From Germany

Report of Drafting Committee on Protocol of German Reparation

Owing to a difference of view regarding the inclusion of German external assets in paragraph 3, full agreement was not reached on [Page 930] paragraphs 1 to 6 of the attached draft.1 The U. S. and U. K. representatives considered that in return for the percentages of capital equipment to be received by the U. S. S. R. under the terms of paragraph 4, the Soviet Government had agreed to refrain from exercising a claim to German external assets, gold captured in Germany or securities of German corporations in the Western zones. The Soviet representative was of the view that this decision had not yet been taken, and that the matter should be referred to the heads of government.

The U. S. and U. K. representatives did not accept paragraph 7, which was proposed by the U. S. S. R. representative.

  1. The draft attached is identical to the attachment to document No. 972, except that it has the earlier version of paragraph 7 quoted in footnote 2 on p. 933.