740.00119 EW/7–2545

No. 926
Proposal by the United States Delegation1

Removals Prom Germany of Properties of United Nations or Neutral Nationals

Memorandum of United States Delegation

It is proposed that:

Ownership by United Nations or neutral nationals should not impede a program of removals.
United Nations nationals should be invited to submit statements covering the nature and extent of their property in Germany to the ACC. The ACC should have facilities and free access to such properties for the purpose of investigating claims and appraising properties.
Removals of United Nations properties should be made on condition that the United Nations nationals retain their ownership interests in the moved properties, except that, where retention of ownership is not practicable, Reichsmark accounts should be set up, on the basis of ACC valuations, to cover the value of the properties. Arrangements should then be made, prior to removal, to have the receiving country liquidate these accounts in acceptable foreign exchange in payments amortized over a short period of years.
Neutral nationals or their governments should be permitted to file with the ACC statements covering the nature and extent of the properties in Germany of neutral nationals. Reichsmarks to the extent of valuations made by the ACC should be deposited to the account of such neutral owners by way of compensation.

  1. Although this proposal was circulated to the British and Soviet Delegations, it was apparently never discussed and was withdrawn by Byrnes on August 1. See ante, p. 546.