740.00119 EW/7–2245

No. 907
United States Delegation Working Paper1


Restitution shall be limited to the following categories as identifiable property, wherever found, if such property was removed from occupied territory by the enemy by whatever means:
Heavy industrial and agricultural equipment.
Machine tools and unique machinery.
Rolling stock and other railroad or transportation equipment.
Works of art, religious or cultural objects, libraries, scientific equipment, and other laboratory or research materials related to [Page 849] organized inquiry into the arts and sciences. Provided, that with respect to this category of property, lost or destroyed objects may be replaced by similar or comparable enemy property. In passing upon any claim for such replacement, the deciding authorities shall take into account whether the transfer would conflict with the general interest of science and the arts.
All questions of restitution shall be dealt with on behalf of the injured property owners by the State of which they are citizens, unless such State shall make other arrangements with the State from whose territories the property was removed.
  1. The file copy bears the following manuscript notation by Mosely: “Collado July 22, 1945, Potsdam”.