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No. 889
United States Delegation Working Paper 1


The British proposal2 regarding imports as a first charge as [sic] against exports could well be incorporated by adding the language they propose as a last sentence to Section 14–(b) of the Economic Principles. It would then read as follows. (The British language to be added which we agree to with the exception of the word “approved” is underlined).3

“14. Allied controls shall be imposed upon the German economy but only to the extent necessary:

to assure the production and maintenance of goods and services required to meet the needs of the occupying forces and displaced persons in Germany and essential to maintain in Germany average living standards not exceeding the average of the standards of living of European countries. (European countries means all European countries excluding U. K. and U. S. S. R.). Payment for approved imports into Germany shall be a first charge against the proceeds of exports out of current production and out of stocks of goods”

  1. Authorship not indicated.
  2. document No. 888.
  3. Words underlined in the original document are here italicized.
  4. Ellipsis in the original.