9.00110 (Potsdam)/7–3045

No. 879
Proposal by the British Delegation1

Germany: Political Principles

Memorandum by the U. K. Delegation

The report of the Economic Sub-Committee to the Foreign Secretaries2 included the following passage, which was not considered when the report was taken [up] by the Foreign Secretaries:

“The U. K. and U. S. representatives point out that there are two matters in addition to those mentioned in paragraph 133 on which a common policy is essential in the treatment of Germany as a single economic unit:

Uniform method of treatment of the German civilian population;
Subject to normal regulations, free circulation of nationals of U. K., U. S., U. S. S. R. and France in all zones by land and air.

The Soviet representative takes the position that these two points, while having economic significance, have a wider political application, and that they should therefore not be considered by the Economic Sub-Committee.”

The U. K. Delegation attach importance to agreement on these two matters being recorded. They would accordingly propose:

that a new paragraph be inserted after paragraph 1 of the text on “Political principles” which has been approved by Heads of Governments4 as follows:—

“So far as is practicable, there shall be uniformity of treatment of the German population throughout Germany.”5

that a new paragraph be added after paragraph 9 as follows:—

“Subject to normal regulations, there shall be free circulation of nationals of the Powers represented on the Control Council in all zones by land and air.”

  1. Attachment 8 to the summary of the Tenth Meeting of the Foreign Ministers, July 30. See ante, pp. 492, 498. This paper was presumably circulated some days before it came up for discussion.
  2. document No. 863.
  3. Of the attachment to document No. 863.
  4. document No. 856.
  5. In a third draft of the Protocol prepared by the British Delegation and annotated “Compared with U. S. Text and agreed 30.7.45.” (file No. 740.00119 Potsdam/7–3045), there is an indication that this language was to be inserted as paragraph 2 of the section on treatment of Germany, and that the succeeding paragraphs were to be renumbered.