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No. 862
United States Delegation Working Paper1

Proposed Text

17. One of the primary purposes of occupation is to obtain reparation for the damage and injury caused Allied countries by German aggression. To accomplish this purpose some importation of raw materials and other items will be necessary. The Control Council shall formulate as soon as possible a program of minimum required imports for Germany as a whole. Such a program shall include provision for equitable inter-zonal distribution of supplies available within Germany, so as to minimize the net deficit for, and imports into, Germany as a whole. Responsibility for the procurement and financing of approved imports for Germany as a whole shall be shared on a basis to be negotiated in the Control Council. Reimbursement for all net advances made for approved imports into Germany shall be a first charge against the proceeds of any exports from Germany of current production and stocks of goods.

  1. Authorship not indicated.
  2. This paper bears the following typed notation: “For Economic Sub Committee 10:30 A.M.—July 20, 1945”.