740.00119 Potsdam/7–2345

No. 809
The State–War–Navy Coordinating Committee to the Members of the Committee Panel at Babelsberg
top secret

Memorandum for Mr. Dunn
Mr. McCloy
Admiral Gardner

Subject: Proposed Statutes for Allied Control Commission for Hungary.

  • Reference: JCS 1416 Series
  • SWNCC 151 Series

The attached memorandum to the Secretary of State, embodying a report by the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the SWNCC on the proposed Statutes for the Allied Control Commission for Hungary is circulated for informal consideration.

It is requested that you indicate your comments or concurrence.1

For the State–War–Navy Coordinating Committee[:]
H A Gerhardt

Colonel, G. S. C. Acting Secretary S. W. N. C[. C.]
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Memorandum to the Secretary of State

The War–State–Navy [sic] Coordinating Committee has considered the proposed Statutes for the Allied Control Commission for Hungary recommended by the Chief of the U. S. Section, Allied Control Commission for Hungary (SWNCC 151/D, Appendix “A”) (Appendix “A” to J. C. S. 1416).2 The Committee recommends the amendment of the proposed Statutes as redrafted in the form attached.3 As so amended, the committee recommends that the Secretary of State endeavor to secure the adoption by the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, and the United States of a Protocol embodying those Statutes, or so much thereof as may be possible.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff have no objections from a military point of view.4

James C. Dunn
Chairman, State–War–Navy Coordinating Committee
  1. Approval was given by the War and Navy Department members of the SWNCC panel at the Conference. The Department of State member withheld approval, however, because the matter was under negotiation at the Conference. See document No. 824. The draft statutes in the subattachment to document No. 808 were approved in Washington, however, following the Conference, and on August 16 they were sent to the American members of the Allied Control Commissions in Hungary, Rumania, and Bulgaria, with instructions to initiate discussions on the revision of the Commission statutes in each country and to press for adoption of the points covered in the draft statutes for Hungary in so far as possible.
  2. See vol. i, document No. 289, enclosure 1.
  3. See the subattachment to document No. 808.
  4. See document No. 808.
  5. This typed signature appears on the draft memorandum.