871.00/7–1945: Telegram

No. 802
The Acting Representative in Rumania (Melbourne) to the Acting Secretary of State1

481. Every informed source I have consulted believes the NDF Govt in its current joint Soviet Rumanian company negotiations involving oil, marine and river transport, banking and other matters are conceding economic concessions greater than present circumstances and available information of Soviet pressure would appear to warrant. (Rptd to Moscow as 132) Instead of employing classic Rumanian delay tactics particularly in view of Potsdam Conference the political faction of Tatarescu which is charged with the current [Page 697] economic negotiations has given ground with more than common rapidity and ineptness.

After careful consideration of all local factors I can only conclude that the above phenomenon is based upon calculations of Tatarescu and his group concerning their political future at a time when the country’s own immediate fate may be decided at Potsdam. They fear possible recognition of Anglo American interpretation of Yalta agreement and personnel [sic] pressure that may force temporary eclipse of Tatarescu faction. Accordingly by playing the Soviet game at this critical time, by claiming Anglo American helplessness to safeguard countries territorial integrity (my telegram 478, July 192) Tatarescu and his group may hope to maintain their present political importance.

  1. The file copy of this message is actually addressed to the Secretary of War, but this is believed to be a clerical error arising from the fact that it was transmitted via Army channels. The gist of the message was included in telegram No. 80 of July 20 from Grew to Byrnes (file No. 800.00 Summaries/7–2045).
  2. Not printed.