740.00119 Control (Austria)/7–2045: Telegram

No. 777
The Ambassador in Italy ( Kirk ) to the Acting Secretary of State 1

2999. Our 2987 July 19.2

McCreery has reported following items of interest.

Meeting took place in British sector (District 13) where missions also quartered. No signs seen of any Russian preparations to evacuate this zone. French continue to be treated as “poor relations”. Although General Cherriére was finally permitted to accompany Americans on tour of city he was not permitted to visit French sector. Russian air staff officer told Russian chief of staff in presence of allied missions that “we have plenty of air fields and can easily spare two”. Soviet garrison in Vienna will equal size of British and United States contingents; amounts at present to one division. Soviet Political adviser called Kissilev attended both meetings. Showed some knowledge of control machinery and English is excellent.

Russians still removing machinery; agricultural machinery seen on railway sidings. Modern coaxial cable installed by Germans for relaying broadcasts and television being removed.

General aspect of Vienna better than at time of Winterton’s previous visit (see our 2571, June 112). Some clearing up done and [Page 673] number of shops open. Syrian [Styrian] people showed signs of pleasure at passage of British Mission.

General impression gained by Winterton that Russian staff is friendly and cooperative but that they do not know picture in Moscow and do not know terms or [of] agreements re Austria. Therefore they do not dare engage in discussion which might reveal this ignorance. Several times Soviet Chief of Staff General of Army Petrov apologized to Winterton for attitude he felt compelled to adopt. “The important thing is that we have met and like one another” Petrov said.

  1. The gist of this message was included in telegram No. 90 of July 21 from Grew to Byrnes (file No. 800.00 Summaries/7–2145).
  2. Not printed.
  3. Not printed.