740.00119 Control Austria/7–1945: Telegram

No. 775
The Acting Secretary of State to the Secretary of State
u.s. urgent

60. State–War–Navy Coordinating Committee has informed Dept that draft American-Soviet-British-French agreements on control machinery SWNCC 30/31 and zones of occupation in Austria and administration of the city of Vienna and covering report SWNCC 25/8 as recommended by EAC have been approved by State War and Navy Departments and JCS.

Texts were carried to Berlin by Riddleberger.

Please inform the President and, if he approves, authorize Ambassador Winant to sign agreements on behalf of the United States.

Sent to London and Florence for their information.

[ Grew ]
  1. The SWNCC papers are not printed as such. For the text of the agreement on control machinery, see vol. i, document No. 282. For the text of the agreement on zones of occupation, see Treaties and Other International Acts Series No. 1600; 61 Stat. (3) 2679.