740.00119 (Potsdam)/7–2245

United States Delegation Memorandum 1

top secret

Summary of the Meeting of Foreign Ministers Sunday Morning, July 22, 1945

1. Yalta Declaration on Liberated Areas and Satellite States.

It was agreed to report to the Heads of Governments that no agreement could be reached on paragraph 1 of the U. S. paper relating to the observation of elections.2 Paragraphs 2 and 3 relating to freedom of the press and the Control Commissions were referred to a subcommittee which was instructed to examine the improvements recently made in the conduct of the Control Commissions in Bulgaria, Rumania and Hungary and to examine Soviet complaints in regard to the operation of the Allied Commission in Italy.

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2. German Economic Questions.

A number of paragraphs in the proposed agreement on economic principles presented yesterday by the Economic Subcommittee were approved. No presentation is made to the Heads of Governments, however, until the Foreign Ministers have discussed the subject further.

3. Rumanian Oil Equipment.

There was extended discussion but no agreement on the question of the treatment of British and American oil equipment in Rumania.

4. Agenda for this afternoon’s Meeting of Heads of Governments.

It was agreed that the following questions should be recommended to the Heads of Governments for their agenda for this afternoon:

Western Frontier of Poland—carried over from yesterday.
Trusteeship—carried over from yesterday.
Turkey—carried over from yesterday.
Western frontier of the Soviet Union. Mr. Molotov explained that he referred to that portion of East Prussia including Koenigsberg which the Soviet Union desires to annex.
Iran—The British have presented a paper on this subject.
Cooperation in Solving Immediate European Economic Problems. Mr. Byrnes said that he would ask the President to present a paper on this subject with the recommendation that it be referred to the Foreign Ministers for consideration.

  1. Authorship not indicated.
  2. For the documents referred to in this summary, see the footnotes to the Thompson minutes, ante, pp. 226238.