740.00119 Potsdam/7–2145

United States Delegation Memorandum2

top secret


Meeting of Foreign Ministers July 21, 1945

1. Date of establishment of Council of Foreign Ministers.

It was agreed at yesterday’s meeting of the Big Three that the Foreign Ministers should decide at what date the newly approved Council of Foreign Ministers should be formally set up.

2. German Economic Questions.

The subcommittee which has been working for some days on these questions is presenting its first report.

3. The Polish question—Liquidation of the London government and implementation of the Yalta agreement.

The subcommittee which has been working on this question is ready to report.

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4. Implementation of the Yalta agreement on liberated Europe and satellite states.

In accordance with the decision taken at yesterday’s meeting of Foreign Ministers, the U. S. is presenting a new paper on this subject setting forth in specific terms the steps which we believe should be taken in the countries in question in order that the Yalta Declaration may be implemented.

5. Italy and the other satellites.

The Big Three at yesterday’s meeting referred to the Foreign Ministers the question of easing in the near future the armistice terms imposed on Italy and the other satellites. The U. S. is presenting new proposals on this subject.

6. Turkey.

It is understood that the British Delegation desires to raise orally with the Soviet Delegation the question of Soviet desires concerning the modification of the Montreux Convention and concerning other aspects of Soviet-Turkish relations.

  1. Authorship not indicated. For the reports and papers referred to in this memorandum, see the footnotes to the Thompson minutes, infra.