740.00119 (Potsdam)/7–2045

United States Delegation Memorandum2

Notes on Soviet Suggestions That the Ruhr Be Internationalized

Maisky: To ensure control of German War Potential, U. S. S. R. has considered internationalization of the Ruhr area of four million people under Four Powers, U. S., U. S. S. R., U. K. and France which would regulate production of Ruhr area. If sympathetic, Economic Sub Committee should prepare plan for Foreign Secretaries.

Monckton: Area? Timing?

Maisky: Whole industrial area. As soon as possible and “more or less permanently”.

Murphy: Under Control Council?

Maisky: Probably a special organization.

Clayton: Rhineland and Ruhr?

Maisky: Probably but no definite area tonight.

Clayton: More than four million people.

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Turner: Westphalia and Rhineland—eleven million people.

Pauley: 25X50 miles—all black coal plus much industry.

Monckton: Can only take note. Can’t say a word. Seems political as well as economic.

Clayton: Leave Germans there?

Maisky: Yes.

Clayton: Leave them in ownership of properties?

Maisky: That is another question.

Clayton: Which direction will products flow?

Maisky: That is for Governments to decide.

Clayton: Agree Monckton as to political—can’t take into this Committee without instructions.

Maisky: Please consult individual ministers.

Monckton: Is there a Soviet paper? Otherwise Molotov should bring up.

Maisky: No paper. Please think over. Pauley had mentioned in Moscow.

Pauley: If you could control coal—you could turn it on and off.

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