740.00119 Potsdam/7–2045

United States Delegation Memorandum1

Summary of Meeting of Foreign Ministers Friday Morning, July 20

i. agenda of meeting of heads of governments

It was agreed that the following subjects would be recommended to the Heads of Governments this afternoon:

1. Procedure for Peace Settlements.

The Foreign Ministers are meeting 15 minutes before the meeting of Heads of Governments with a view to reaching agreement on the redraft of paragraph 3 of the proposal for the establishment of the Council of Foreign Ministers which was approved July 18.2 If they reach agreement the redraft will be presented to the Heads of Government at this meeting.

2. Policy Toward Italy.

It is recommended that the basis of discussion be the U. S. paper presented to the Conference by the President on July 17.

3. Situation in Austria, Particularly in Vienna.

The Prime Minister will make an oral statement on this subject. The question involved is the ratification by the three Governments of the agreements already approved by the European Advisory Commission on control machinery3 and zones of occupation for Austria and Vienna.4

4. The Western Boundary of Poland.

A Russian paper on this subject, together with a map, has been prepared for discussion.

5. Trusteeship.

A Russian paper on this subject has been presented for discussion.

ii. economic policy for germany

The Foreign Ministers were unable to act on this question as the subcommittee has not yet reported.

iii. polish question—liquidation of the london government and implementation of the yalta agreement

The Foreign Ministers were also unable to act on this question as the subcommittee has not yet reported.

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iv. statement on entry of italy and spain into the united nations

The U. S. presented a draft statement under which the three Governments would support the entry of Italy into the United Nations Organization but would not support the entry of Spain as long as the present regime continues. This paper was referred to a subcommittee. It was also understood that reference might be made in the statement to other neutral countries and to other ex-enemies which fought on the side of the Allies.

v. italian and austrian reparations

The Soviet delegation having raised the question of Italian reparations, the question of reparations from Italy as well as from Austria was referred to the subcommittee now dealing with German reparations.

vi. implementation of the yalta declaration on liberated areas

The Soviets presented the redraft to that presented by the U. S. After prolonged and inconclusive discussion it was agreed that the three delegations would each prepare concrete statements of the action they believed should be taken in Rumania, Bulgaria,5 Hungary, and Greece and that these statements would be considered at a later meeting.

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