860c.00/7–3145: Telegram

The Appointed Ambassador to Poland ( Lane ) to the Acting Secretary of State 3


Victory 444. To Acting Secretary of State from Lane.

Called yesterday on Modzelewski former Polish Ambassador Moscow now Assistant Minister Foreign Affairs, President Bierut and Mikołajczyk also joined group. Following is summary of Modzelewski’s remarks:

Newspaper correspondents should be able to enter Poland before end August. Only present obstacle poor quality telegraphic communications. (As Modzelewski mentioned censorship this may also be reason for short delay.)
Consulates can be established Danzig, Poznan, Lodz and Cracow. (Depending on outcome of western frontier we may suggest Breslau also.)
Rate of exchange for diplomatic corps will have to be arranged. Present rate of eleven zlotys and fraction impossible for us to subsist on.
Policing entirely adequate. Polish Government will furnish sufficient guards. Unnecessary for us bring military detachment. (Shall report further on arrival Warsaw.)
Coal deal being arranged with U. S. here.4 They want goods in return principally fats, meats and oils.
Requested my personal advice re Oskar Lange as Ambassador to U. S. I replied I thought it might create unfortunate impression because his U. S. Citizenship.
Soviet troops being withdrawn from Poland except for portion west of 1939 west frontier. (Repeated to Moscow and Paris for Lovell.)
Soviet, Czech, Yugoslav, French Ambassadors and Swedish and British chargés now in Warsaw.

  1. Sent over the signature of Byrnes.
  2. See document No. 1392, post.