Editor’s Note

—No official record of the substance of the conversation at this meeting has been found.

Byrnes gives the following summary of the meeting (Speaking Frankly, page 79): “Soon after their arrival, Mr. Attlee and Mr. Bevin called on the President and the four of us discussed the work of the conference. The President mentioned the Soviet demand for East Prussia and indicated on a map the changes in the boundary lines of Germany, Poland and the Soviet Union that thus would be effected. Mr. Bevin immediately and forcefully presented his strong opposition to those boundaries.”

Leahy gives the following account (I Was There, page 420): “Prime Minister Attlee and his newly appointed Foreign Minister, Ernest Bevin, arrived shortly after 9 P.M. and called on the President. Byrnes and I were present and the conversation quickly centered on the possibility of settling the Polish boundary question and reparations.”