740.00119 (Potsdam)/7–2745

United States Delegation Memorandum1

top secret

Topics Discussed at Meeting of Foreign Ministers, 4 p.m., July 27, 1945

1. German Reparations.

This matter was discussed and passed over for further examination.

2. Admission to the United Nations.

Mr. Byrnes stated that as the U. S. proposal2 in this matter had become complicated by additions and modifications by the other delegations, he preferred to withdraw the paper rather than to delay the Conference by further discussion.

3. German Economic Paper.

This matter was deferred until the subject of German reparations was further explored.

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4. Italian and Austrian Reparations.

This matter was discussed. The American view was that countries which were in need of relief could not be expected to support reparations payments and the subject was deferred to a later time.

5. Oil for Western Europe.

The Russian delegation said that they had a paper to present to the Conference on this subject. This paper has not yet been received.

6. Implementation of the Yalta Declaration on Liberated Europe.

No report has been received from the subcommittee on this subject.

7. Oil Equipment in Rumania.

This matter was not discussed.

8. The Western Boundary of Poland.

This matter was not discussed.

9. Cooperation in European Economic Policies.

This matter was discussed. The Soviet delegation stated they were ready to enter the European Inland Transport organization and were studying the other economic and coal organizations with a view to arriving at their decision as to whether to join them.

10. German Political Paper.

Sir Alexander Cadogan stated that there were two items which had been rejected by the Economic Committee from the economic principles applying to Germany on the basis that they belong properly in the political principles. He suggested that these points be brought before the Big Three. The points were as follows:

Uniform treatment of Germans.
Free circulation of all nationals of the Four Allies in all zones.

11. Inland Waterways.

The subcommittee appointed to study this question was not ready to report. Mr. Byrnes asked that the subcommittee expedite this report to the Conference.

12. [German Fleet.]

Mr. Molotov asked that the item referring to the German naval and merchant vessels be put on the agenda.

  1. Authorship not indicated.
  2. For the documents referred to in this memorandum, see the footnotes to the minutes, ante, pp. 425435.