Editor’s Note

Stanislaw Mikołajczyk, who (in his capacity as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform in the Polish Provisional Government of National Unity) was a member of the Polish Delegation to the Berlin Conference, has made available to the Department of State the papers now in his possession relating to the Conference. There are included in this appendix translations, prepared by the Department, of (a) Mikołajczyk’s minutes of the appearance of the Polish Delegation before the Seventh Meeting of the Foreign Ministers on July 24, 1945; (b) his formal memoranda on four conversations between members of the United States and Polish Delegations; (c) his memorandum on Stalin’s reception for the Polish Delegation on July 27, 1945; and (d) four entries from his diary1 which give information not found elsewhere on two Polish-American and two Polish-Soviet conversations.

  1. The diary of the Berlin Conference now in Mikołajczyk’s possession covers only the period July 27–August 1, 1945.