No. 1377
The Additional Secretary to the British Cabinet ( Brook ) to the Assistant Secretary of State ( Dunn )

Dear Mr. Dunn , I am writing to confirm that the amendment which you have proposed to the provisional draft of a paragraph for the Protocol on the Black Sea Straits is quite acceptable to us.

I enclose a copy of the revised draft in the form in which I have this morning communicated it to Monsieur Gromyko.

Yours sincerely,

Norman Brook
U. K. Draft
(as amended by U. S. Delegation)
In outlining to the Conference, at the request of the United Kingdom Delegation, the recent discussions between the Soviet and Turkish Governments, the Soviet Delegation made special reference to the free use of the Straits between the Black Sea and the Aegean. The U. S. Delegation put forward a proposal that freedom of movement through the Black Sea2 Straits at all times by the war and merchant vessels of all nations be guaranteed by international agreement of the interested States, which would include the three Powers present at this Conference. This proposal received the support of the United Kingdom Delegation. The Soviet Delegation considered it preferable to settle the question by direct negotiations with the [Page 1439] Turkish Government. The Conference did not reach any final decision on this subject.
  1. This paper (file No. 740.00119 Potsdam/7–2845), although not attached to document No. 1377, appears to be the enclosure described. The paper actually attached, headed “Turkey”, consists in toto of the second sentence of the paper here printed (presumably the United States amendment).
  2. The words “Black Sea” have been deleted. Opposite the deletion is the following manuscript marginal notation by Brook: “Insert first sentence of Russian draft”.