Department of the Army Files: Telegram

No. 1368
The Under Secretary of the Navy (Gates) to the Assistant Chief of Staff for Plans to the Commander in Chief, United States Fleet (Gardner)


ComNavEu passes action UnderSecNavs 212100 to CominCh and CNO for Rear Admiral Matthias B. Gardner.

Please see Joint Chiefs memorandum to State War Navy Coordinating Committee 17 July 19451 original of which was delivered to Colonel Harrison Gerhardt at Terminal on 17 July 1945. It is strongly felt by Secretary2 and me that at present meeting no attempt should be made to deal with Dardanelles question.…3

  1. Document No. 1363.
  2. i. e., Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal.
  3. For the last sentence of this message, see document No. 753.