No. 1364
The State–War–Navy Coordinating Committee to Members of the Committee Panel at Babelsberg1

top secret
Memorandum for: Mr. Dunn
Mr. McCloy
Admiral Gardner

Subject: United States Policy Regarding Dardanelles and Kiel Canal

References: JCS 1418 Series2

The attached memorandum to the Secretary of State,3 embodying a report by the Joint Chiefs of Staff on recommended U. S. policy concerning the Dardanelles and the Kiel Canal,4 is circulated for informal consideration.

It is requested that you indicate your concurrence or comments.

For the State–War–Navy Coordinating Committee[:]
H A Gerhardt

Colonel, G. S. C. Acting Secretary S. W. N. C. [C.]
  1. Gardner indicated his approval of the attachment to this memorandum on July 18. Dunn signed his copy, giving his approval, but did not indicate the date. For McCloy’s comment, see document No. 1365.
  2. Not printed. Cf. document No. 1363.
  3. See the attachment to document No. 1365.
  4. Documents Nos. 751 and 1363.