No. 1362
The British Embassy to the Department of State


His Majesty’s Ambassador at Paris1 has been instructed to inform the French Government that His Majesty’s Government are now able to agree to the participation of the Soviet Government at the Paris talks about Tangier and to suggest that the French and British Ambassadors in Moscow2 should be instructed to make a joint formal [Page 1419] communication to the Soviet Government, in reply to their representations in Paris and London of July 2nd,3 inviting them to attend talks in Paris early in August.

Mr. Duff Cooper is further to inform the French Minister for Foreign Affairs4 that, in line with the previous assurance of His Majesty’s Government, the general question of Tangier has not been discussed at Potsdam and that no reference will be made to Tangier in the communiqué to be issued at the end of the Conference.

G. H. M[iddleton]
  1. Alfred Duff Cooper.
  2. General of the Army Georges Catroux and Sir Archibald Clark Kerr, respectively.
  3. See vol. i, documents Nos. 662 and 663.
  4. Georges Bidault.