867n.01/8–1845: Telegram

No. 1347
The Secretary of State to the Consul General at Jerusalem (Pinkerton)


163. Following for background info is substance of remarks on Palestine made by President at Aug 16 press conference:

In reply to inquiry whether Jewish national state had been discussed at Potsdam President said it had been discussed with Churchill and Attlee and was still being discussed. Asked whether he had discussed it with Stalin President replied in negative adding there was nothing Stalin could do about it. In reply to subsequent question as to the American view on Palestine that was put forward at Potsdam, President said that we want to let as many Jews into Palestine as is possible and he added that the matter would have to be worked out diplomatically with the Brit and the Arabs and it would have to be on a peaceful basis as he had no desire to send half a million American soldiers to keep the peace in Palestine. End summary[.]

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Sent Jerusalem repeated Cairo Baghdad Jidda Beirut Damascus.