800.24591/7–2745: Telegram

No. 1334
The Ambassador in Iran ( Murray ) to the Acting Secretary of State


550. British Ambassador told me last night he had received official word that agreement on immediate evacuation of Tehran by all Allied troops had been reached at Potsdam. He said he had advised Soviet Ambassador,1 who had heard nothing on subject.

Later in evening I learned General Booth had just received telegram2 from General Marshall at Potsdam saying evacuation of Tehran had been proposed and asking his view. Booth has replied evacuation of PGC (Persian Gulf Command) from Iran is already proceeding as fast as practicable in view of allocation of ships, etc. Main American military establishment this vicinity is Camp Amirabad, HQ (headquarters) for whole command, which is located two miles out and in his opinion should not be considered part of city. [Page 1395] Although HQ could be moved to Khorramshahr, he does not recommend this. In any case, he states caretaking detachments must be left to protect American property, consisting of Amirabad and Camp Atterbury (in Tehran proper).

In his telegram Booth adds that announcement last month of termination PGC Mission and beginning withdrawal American troops had very favorable effect locally. He refers to fact he has been informed by Embassy that Iranian authorities have stated they hope American troops will not leave before British and Russians go. Adds that anticipated announcement of incorporation of PGC within AMET (African Middle East Theater) should give clear indication we have no intention of staying on here longer than necessary, since it will show declining importance of our forces in Iran.

  1. Mikhail Maximov.
  2. Not printed.