Department of the Army Files: Telegram

No. 1304
The Acting Chairman of the Interim Committee ( Harrison ) to the Secretary of War ( Stimson )
top secret

War –33556. TopSec Secretary of War from Harrison.

Doctor has just returned most enthusiastic and confident that the Little Boy is as husky as his big brother.1 The light in his1 eyes discernible [Page 1361] from here to Highhold1a and I could have heard his screams from here to my farm.2

  1. i. e., Fat Man .
  2. i. e., Fat Man .
  3. Stimson’s home on Long Island.
  4. At Upperville, Virginia.

    Stimson’s diary entry for July 18 includes the following: “Harrison’s second message came, giving a few of the far reaching details of the test. I at once took it to the President who was highly delighted. … The President was evidently very greatly reenforced over the message from Harrison and said he was very glad I had come to the meeting. …”