Department of the Army Files: Telegram

No. 1300
The Military Attaché in Portugal ( Solborg ) to the War Department
top secret

Top secret 272 to MilID Washington D. C.

Salazar having learned of my impending transfer expressed thru military channels desire to receive me, Colonel Carvalhaes called on Ambassador to ascertain if he concurred. With Ambassador’s permission I called on Prime Minister yesterday and had 40 minute cordial interview.

After opening generalities and complimentary remarks concerning my work in Portugal Salazar evidenced interest on certain post-war aspects in Germany and Russia and praised Stalin’s astute statesmanship but questioned advisability of U. S. and Britain making further concessions to Soviets now that European war is ended. He expressed firm belief that Russia will enter closing phase of war against Japan and ventured opinion that this is not in best interests of U. S. and if unavoidable should be considered as favor to Russia rather than aid sought after by Allies. Salazar views European events also great concern and believes that Soviet influence if allowed to spread westward will result in isolating Europe from rest of world following general pattern of Soviet procedure in countries within their political or military orbit.

Prime Minister then asked me if I recalled Timor Staff talks of last autumn and wondered why CCS have not yet implemented their part of agreement in offering critique of Port Plan and or countering with one of their own. He referred to last conversation with WPG1 of State Dept on. this matter at which time he states he was given to understand that it might be advisable to wait for action until hostilities in Europe were terminated. He states that events in Pacific are proceeding fast and emphasized that Port token occupation of Timor is essential to preserve PortugalHs prestige and empire entity. I told Prime Minister that matter is under consideration by competent authorities. Comment, I have gained clear impression that Timor is uppermost in Salazar[’]s mind and that he considers us morally and factually obligated to supply him with CCS plan for Port Task Force to be moved to Pacific Theater there to take part in occupation of Timor. Ambassador saw this message and sent cable 1568 to State2 NA [for necessary action?].

  1. Presumably W. Perry George.
  2. Document No. 1299.