J. C. S. Files

No. 1297
Memorandum by the British Chiefs of Staff1
top secret
C. C. S. 462/26

Staff Conversations With Portugal

1. We have considered the memorandum (C. C. S. 462/25)2 by the United States Chiefs of Staff and are in general agreement with the draft letter to the Department of State and Foreign Office attached as the Enclosure thereto.

2. We propose, however, two minor amendments as follows:—

a. In subparagraph b. of the proposed letter, it is stated that “the larger force is acceptable and can be trained in the theater.” The situation in this respect is that the Australian authorities have informed [Page 1353] us that they cannot accept any Portuguese force. An inquiry has now been addressed to the Commander in Chief, Ceylon, asking him whether he can accept the Portuguese and, if so, the size of force he can accommodate, pointing out that we prefer the larger force.

No reply has yet been received. We cannot, therefore, be certain which of the two forces we can accept or where the training area will be.

We, therefore, propose that subparagraph b. of the draft letter should read as follows:—

“As between the two military forces offered by Portugal (a regimental combat team of 4,000 or a battalion combat team of 2,200, both including 400 native troops), the larger force is likely to be the more acceptable. Steps are being taken to allocate a suitable training area.”

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

3. Subject to the above amendments, we recommend that the Combined Chiefs of Staff approve the despatch of the letter to the Department of State and the Foreign Office as proposed in C. C. S. 462/25.

  1. Considered by the Combined Chiefs of Staff at their 195th Meeting, July 18. See ante, p. 83.
  2. Document No. 1296.