Department of the Army Files: Telegram

No. 1281
The Commander in Chief, United States Fleet, and Chief of Naval Operations ( King ) to the Navy Department
top secret

Victory 352. This is Lockup . CominCh sends No. 24 to CominCh and CNO Administrative Office for action MilMis Moscow for info. Soviets have agreed1 to establishment of facilities outlined your 122012 and 171951.2 Detailed arrangements as to entry of personnel still to be made. Soviets will receive communication and aerological material now. Request tonnage cube place and date of assembly of this material for each station. Advise schedule of Soviet west coast sailings and Hula transfers by which material could be shipped to Petropavlovsk and/or Vladivostok. Possibility of use of east coast sailings for transportation overland via Europe should also be reported. In addition desire detail your plans for transportation via United States aircraft thru Alaska in event Soviet authorize this method of delivery. Send reply MilMis Moscow for action.

  1. See ante, pp. 409410.
  2. Neither printed. These messages dealt with the establishment of United States weather liaison groups in Siberia.