J. C. S. Files

No. 1262
The Commanding General, Army Service Forces (Somervell) to the British Minister of War Transport (Leathers)1

Dear Fred: In accord with your request, the U. S. Chiefs were shown a copy of the amendments to basic undertakings informally submitted by you and the substitute dictated during our conversation.2

They state they cannot accept your proposal.3 Though also unwilling to accept the substitute as a part of basic undertakings, their reaction now is to view in a favorable light, its inclusion in the final report of the Combined Chiefs of Staff to the President and Prime Minister with the words “Isles” for “Commonwealth of Nations,” and “civil requirements” in lieu of British “rehabilitation and reconstruction plans.”


Brehon Somervell
  1. Printed from a carbon copy on which there is an uncertified typed signature.
  2. Cf. document No. 1265.
  3. See ante, p. 140.