761.94/7–2145: Telegram

No. 1223
The Japanese Minister of Foreign Affairs (Togo) to the Japanese Ambassador in the Soviet Union (Sato)

910. The Domei news dispatches from your area on the 14th reported on your meetings with Lozovsky and Molotov respectively on the 10th and the 11th. With respect to the present important negotiations which are taking place, those concerned include only the members comprising the Supreme War Council: The Prime Minister,1 this minister, the Minister of the Navy,2 the Minister of the Army,3 and the two Chiefs of Staff.4 In handling this matter, if this should ever leak out, the results would be most dire, I fear.

Therefore, on your side also this matter is limited to you, Mr. Ambassador, and I would like to ask you to observe particularly strict security measures in dispatching and receiving telegrams and the like so that we may have nothing to regret.

  1. Admiral Baron Suzuki Kantaro.
  2. Admiral Yonai Mitsumasa.
  3. General Anami Korehita.
  4. General Umezu Yoshijiro and Admiral Toyoda Soemu.