J. C. S. Files

No. 1197
Memorandum by the United States Chiefs of Staff1
top secret
C. C. S. 891/1

Combined Chiefs of Staff Machinery After the War With Japan

With reference to C. C. S. 891,2 the political relationship of the United States with other nations in the period following this war is not yet sufficiently defined to permit the United States Chiefs of Staff to discuss at this date the post-war relationships between the respective military staffs.

The United States Chiefs of Staff will bring up for consideration the problem of the most effective military machinery to be used from now forward and prior to the end of the Japanese war.3

  1. Noted by the Combined Chiefs of Staff at their 196th Meeting, July 19. See ante, p. 113. Cf. ante, p. 80.
  2. Document No. 550, printed in vol. i.
  3. This paragraph refers to item 5, paragraph e, of the minutes of the 195th Meeting of the Combined Chiefs of Staff, July 18. See ante, pp. 86, 113.