J. C. S. Files

No. 1190
Memorandum by the United States Chiefs of Staff1
top secret
C. C. S. 679/6

Disposition of Captured German Passenger Ships

1. The United States Chiefs of Staff have indicated in papers of the C. C. S. 679 series2 an urgent need for 39,000 troop spaces in captured enemy shipping to supplement the trooplift available for carrying out redeployment plans.

2. Since the publication of C. C. S. 679/1,2 U. S. requirements for trooplift in the Pacific have materially increased. Deficits now are serious.

3. Drastic action has been taken to augment United States resources by conversion of cargo ships, increasing air-lift, and curtailing withdrawals of U. S. troops from Europe. In spite of every possible adjustment [Page 1192] in United States resources, the trooplift situation in the Pacific will remain serious during the last half of this year.

4. The Combined Shipping Adjustment Board (CSAB) has had the matter of distribution of captured German shipping under discussion for several weeks. Certain agreements as to manning and operation have been reached, but the United States view that the seven vessels under consideration should be allocated for the carriage of U. S. troops during the current emergency period has been opposed on the British side of the CSAB pending decision by the Combined Chiefs of Staff.

5. The United States Chiefs of Staff recommend that in order to meet emergency requirements for the movement of U. S. troops necessary for forthcoming operations, the Combined Chiefs of Staff agree to the allocation for United States purposes, so long as an emergency exists, of the following seven vessels:

Europa, Caribia, Vulcania, Patria, Potsdam, Pretoria and Milwaukee.

6. Arrangements as to manning, operation, repair and conversion can be determined by the CSAB, and it is understood that the agreement proposed in paragraph 5 above in no way prejudices ultimate disposition of these vessels.

  1. Considered by the Combined Chiefs of Staff at their 199th Meeting, July 23. See ante, p. 293.
  2. Not printed.
  3. Not printed.