Truman Papers

No. 1177
Proposal by the Soviet Delegation



Soviet Proposal Presented to Foreign Ministers July 19, 19451

The Soviet Government present for consideration by the Conference the following suggestion.

In view of the fact:

that the regime of Franco originated not as a result of the development of the internal forces in Spain but as a result of the intervention by the principal axis-countries—Hitler Germany and fascist Italy which imposed upon the Spanish people the fascist regime of Franco;
that the regime of Franco constitutes a grave danger to the freedom-loving nations in Europe and South America;
that in the face of brutal terror instituted by Franco the Spanish people have repeatedly expressed themselves against the regime of Franco and in favour of the restoration of democratic government in Spain,

The Conference deems it necessary to recommend to the United Nations:

to break off all relations with the Government of Franco;
to render support to the democratic forces in Spain and to enable the Spanish people to establish such a regime as will respond to their will.

  1. Attachment 2 to the minutes of the Second Meeting of the Foreign Ministers, July 19. See ante, p. 106.