No. 1168
The Soviet Delegation to the United States Delegation1


According to reports received by the Soviet Repatriation Representatives a considerable number of Soviet citizens are being held in English and American camps for German war prisoners. The Soviet Government has information at its disposal that in Norway at the [Page 1166] beginning of July 1945 about 1,000 Soviet citizens were being held with German prisoners of war. In various American camps for German war prisoners situated in Great Britain and the United States there are also a considerable number of Soviet citizens.

Provided with data on the presence of Soviet citizens in American and English camps for German prisoners of war, the Soviet Repatriation Representatives immediately requested the American and English authorities for permission to enter the German war prisoner camps in order to establish the identity of these persons (these Soviet citizens). They were refused permission to do so.

The Soviet Government in bringing the above to the attention of the British and American Governments anticipates that instructions will be given to the appropriate American and English authorities to permit the entry of Soviet Repatriation Representatives into the German war prisoner camps in order to establish (the identity) of the Soviet citizens.

  1. The translation bears the following typed notation: “Handed to the American and British Representatives by Mr. Molotov on August 1, 1945.” This aide-mémoire was submitted at the Eleventh Meeting of the Foreign Ministers, August 1. See ante, p. 550. The Russian text, however, is signed in pencil: “К Новиков [K. Novikov] 31.7.45.”