860c.24/7–2645: Telegram

No. 1156
The Chief of the Division of Lend-Lease and Surplus War Property Affairs (Fetter) to the Assistant Secretary of State (Clayton) and the Director of the Office of Financial and Development Policy (Collado)1

154. For Clayton and Collado from Fetter.

On July 18 OANLC instructed Field Commissioner Paris (Your Victory 349 July 262) to make all necessary arrangements for delivery of 1,000 trucks to Polish Govt. Ambassador Lane has discussed question with Field Commissioner and reports that approximately [Page 1154] 750 trucks for Poland are available in U. K. for early delivery and that remaining 250 could be obtained on Continent. We do not know what official of Polish Govt should execute necessary documents and accept delivery. Dept has instructed Lane to request Polish Govt to name representative to close transaction. Lane, now in Paris, reports that he will do this on his arrival in Warsaw about July 30. Nothing more can be done until Lane and Polish Govt supply further information. Dept and OANLC feel that no public announcement of truck deal should be made until all arrangements are completed and Lane has been instructed not to release public statement without first submitting it to Washington.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

This reply has been shown to OANLC and they concur in respect to any actions by them.

  1. Sent to the Secretary of State at Babelsberg over the signature of Grew.
  2. Document No. 1155.