740.00119 Potsdam/7–2045

No. 1146
President Bierut and Prime Minister Osóbka-Morawski to President Truman1

His Excellency President Truman[:] On behalf of the Polish Provisional Government of National Unity we address ourselves to [Page 1139] Your Excellency desiring to call the attention of Your Excellency to the problem of [the] Western frontier of the Polish Republic, a problem that is of a vital importance to the Polish Nation.

Expressing the unanimous and inflexible will of the whole Nation, the Polish Provisional Government of National Unity are convinced that only the boundary line that follows, beginning in the south, the former frontier between Czechoslovakia and Germany, then the Lausitzer Neisse river, then runs along the left bank of the Oder, and leaving Stettin for Poland reaches the sea west of the town of Swinemünde, can be considered a just frontier that guarantees successful development to the Polish Nation, security to Europe, and a lasting peace to the world.

The Polish Nation, which suffered such enormous losses in the war against the Germans, would consider any other solution of the problem of their Western boundary as harmful and injurious, and endangering the future of the Polish Nation and State.

Simultaneously we transmit identical note to Generalissimo Stalin, Chairman of the Council of the Peoples Commissars of the USSR, and to Mr. Winston Churchill, Prime-Minister of His Majesty’s Government, and we are convinced that the problem of Poland’s Western frontier will find a positive solution during the present debates that are of such a far reaching momentum.

We avail ourselves [etc.]

Bolesław Biertjt 2
Edward Osóbka-Morawski
  1. This communication was mentioned in the course of the Fifth and Sixth Plenary Meetings, July 21 and 22. See ante, pp. 209, 247.
  2. The signatures are typed on the source copy.